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Pat Flaherty

Attorney Profile

Patrick T. Flaherty has practiced law in the state of Kentucky for the past 30 years. He previously served as the Daviess County District Court Judge, Division III. He has a well established practice and a wonderful staff.

  • Member of the Kentucky Bar Association

  • License to practice in Federal Court, Western District of Kentucky and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • 2nd Generation Attorney

  • Experienced trial attorney

  • Served as District Court Judge, 2000

  • Member of Board of Directors H.L. Neblitt Center

  • Volunteer for Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service

  • Guest Lecturer at Owensboro Community College

  • Member of Kentucky Academy of Trial Attorneys

  • Member of Ironworkers Local 108, 1978-80

  • Juris Doctorate from Northern Kentucky University in 1983

  • Graduated from Western Kentucky University in 1978

  • Graduated from Owensboro Catholic High School, 1974




I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Patrick Flaherty for many years now. Around 12-14 with some years being better than others, however, Pat has represented me on numerous criminal matters and I have literally been an eye witness to him working what I thought was "courtroom magic" at the time, but later learned it was just excellent knowledge of "the law" and good relationships/timing in the courts. Pat has never once over promised me. He has always delivered when it was in his power to do so. I was even further blown away here recently by the hard work of his team and their ability to fight for parental rights in very unconstitutional family court system.          - Asten T.

Pat and his team are highly recommended!  

Got the charges dismissed awesome - Ashley M.

Love the service!  - Elisha S.


401 Frederica Street, Bldg D [Suite 201]

Owensboro, Kentucky 42303

Call Us at (270-685-4706