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Criminal Law

Your case is important and you need someone with experience in criminal cases. Patrick T. Flaherty has won many criminal cases in the Owensboro, KY, area and can defend you too!

Family Law

Here at Pat Flaherty Law, we specialize in cases under the Family Law section. Delicate divorce matters take up around 96% of all our annual cases.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured due to another party's negligence, don't suffer alone. Pat Flaherty Law can help you get what you deserve.

Law Office of Patrick T. Flaherty


Patrick T. Flaherty Law is a full service law firm that specializes in criminal defense, family law, probate, and bankruptcy cases. We provide clients in the Owensboro, KY, area with thorough representation. When dealing with a legal situation, you need to trust your attorney as someone with the experience to help you with your legal affairs. Patrick T. Flaherty has the expertise to handle your case. He is dedicated to each and every one of his clients and tailors his methods to each client's unique situation.


When you have been accused of a crime, make sure you retain a criminal defense lawyer immediately! It is important to know your rights and understand that you are not required to speak to the police. Make sure the first person you speak to is Patrick T. Flaherty and he will dedicate himself to you and your case.


Family law is a sensitive area, and Patrick T. Flaherty will see that you feel supported through this difficult time. He will make sure your family is protected and work to resolve your family law case quickly so your family members can get on with their lives. Patrick T. Flaherty handles all aspects of family law, including divorce and child custody cases.


Patrick T. Flaherty, in Owensboro, works hard to provide high-quality service and personalized attention for all of your legal needs. If you have been injured as a result of someone else's negligence or malice - whether in a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident, a medical error or by some other means - you should contact an experienced trial attorney. He personally helps each client to make sure they see a successful outcome in their personal injury case.

Are you in need of professional legal help ?

Don't hesitate to contact Patrick Flaherty Law.   We have helped many people in the same situations as you're probably in.  We hope to hear from you soon.


I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Patrick Flaherty for many years now. Around 12-14 with some years being better than others, however, Pat has represented me on numerous criminal matters and I have literally been an eye witness to him working what I thought was "courtroom magic" at the time, but later learned it was just excellent knowledge of "the law" and good relationships/timing in the courts. Pat has never once over promised me. He has always delivered when it was in his power to do so. I was even further blown away here recently by the hard work of his team and their ability to fight for parental rights in very unconstitutional family court system.          - Asten T.

Pat and his team are highly recommended!  

Got the charges dismissed awesome - Ashley M.

Love the service!  - Elisha S.


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